• 1005 refugees who resettled in Illinois in 2019.

  • 35.28% of refugees in 2019 were from the Syrian Arab Republic.

PRIDE refugee participants come from many countries.

map of PRIDE partners

Refugees and asylum-seekers with disabilities encounter many obstacles: low income, racial, ethnic and disability discrimination, stigma, trauma, language barriers, transportation issues and insufficient service systems.  However, they have a wealth of strengths to contribute to U.S. communities and the workforce.

Listen to testimonials by PRIDE refugee participants.


When Tedros began working with PRIDE, he gained knowledge and opportunities.

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Muhammad Zaazaa

PRIDE helped Muhammad overcome language barriers to find a caretaker for his mother, communicate with his doctor and get his wheelchair repaired.

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Djibrine hopes PRIDE will help him find a job as a merchant, or working with animals as he did back home.

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